Celebrity Presenter/Producer/Documentary Filmmaker and Author – Alexander Shambly and his team produce a unique compelling show and are committed to delivering informed, media-savvy public relations services that specializes in delivering a production to meet our clients’ marketing philosophy and requirements.


Alexander Shambly is quite known for his journalistic work with published articles in global magazines such as Vogue, Travel magazines and leading lifestyle publications as well as a Director and Producer. He is also the Author of the book named “Beauty A Special Message”.


With him as our Producer, “Exclusive Resorts & Day Spas” became the first TV program and film crew in the world invited to film the new wing – The Collections Hall – of the Kyoto National Museum which is quite impressive.


“Exclusive Resorts and Day Spas”, is an award-winning television program which also Produces Documentaries/Movies featuring leading Resorts, Hotels, Spas, Yacht Clubs, Gourmet Experiences, and Attractions from around the world.

“Odyssey of East Meets West with Alexander Shambly” is our Documentary/Movie which explores the journey from wealthy Western Australia featuring Rolls-Royce, Maserati and Cosmetic Procedures to Japan as never seen before, featuring its most Exclusive Island.


Now in its 19th season, “Exclusive Resorts and Day Spas” continues to grow with the national rating and viewership increasing from year to year. With over 40 million viewers globally, the show is definitely known for its uniqueness and was nominated at the ‘New York Festival World’s Best Film and TV Awards and the ‘Venice Film Festival.”


The documentary ‘South America’s Secret Treasure’ with Alexander Shambly was a collaboration with the Ecuador Board of Tourism which featured the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon Jungle, the Andes Mountains and the City of Quito. We were commissioned by the Ecuador Board of Tourism as part of a restoration project to promote tourism back to the region.


Our documentaries and content have also been viewed at the 72nd Annual Cannes International Film Festival 14-25 May 2019 featuring ‘Trilogy of the Orient’ with Alexander Shambly.


This dynamic documentary featured the countries of Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, showcasing luxury yachts, exquisite cuisine and leading award-winning resorts and hotels.


We also received the commission for the Grand Opening of the iconic Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort in Singapore.


Our award winning lifestyle TV program is globally syndicated and “versatile”. Not only targeted to high disposable income earners and discerning businessmen but also to family vacationers, honeymooners and anyone who is looking for a romantic getaway or weekend escape.


Exclusive Resorts & Day Spas TV program can help you find the best vacation package to suit your needs and budget with incredible deals to popular destinations, your choices on places to visit and things to do are endless.


Our main aim is to act as a trusted extension of our clients’ marketing departments, producing results that directly and positively impact on our clients’ business objectives while at the same time, giving their potential guest the proper information and knowledge to make informed decisions.


Our high standard of Production has also allowed our TV program to be the first Lifestyle TV program independent of a production house/advertising agency to be commissioned to produce commercials for award winning International Airlines, which include LATAM, Royal Brunei Airlines and Air Asia.


Mr Shambly’s inspirational guest speaking engagements when he is not on location filming includes, Chambers of Commerce, Prime Ministers, Universities, Businessmen Groups and his affiliation with Presidents and Members of Royal Families from around the world.



We distribute our content on Cox Media Network USA (coast to coast), CNBC (Australia, Asia, USA, Middle East and Europe), National Geographic, Travel Channel, History Channel, Food Network, Discovery TLC; seen globally in USA, Australia, and Europe, airs PRIME TIME weekdays and family hours on the weekends.


We have 120 countries spanning all continents – Africa, Europe, Austral/Asia, North America and Middle East who visit our website on a daily basis and which we receive thousands of hits per week.


Social Media: We also receive thousands of views on social media platforms including You Tube, Linkedin, and Twitter.